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Family Center


Serendipity Family Center was founded by Sarah and Aaron Royster in 2005. We offer a unique learning experience that all parents want for their children during those crucial developmental years. We intentionally created a family environment, where every parent or guardian feels welcome to come and volunteer in a classroom. We partner with parents and other caregivers to create a personalized academic plan for each child. As parents, we understand the importance of trusting a provider to care for your child. We have researched schools all around the world to design an outstanding educational experience and hired amazing educators to teach children how to love learning!

We believe the environment is a crucial part of the curriculum.  Therefore, we provide a stimulating environment for children to explore every day. Surrounding children with beautiful classrooms that are safe, fun, and educational are a top priority for the owners.

Our curriculum was designed by two highly qualified educators. Aaron Royster graduated with his MBA from the University of Chicago and has been educating children over twenty-five years, traveling the world to identify new concepts and ideas to educate children.  Sarah earned her M.A. in Education from DePaul University.  They have been married for eighteen years and have three sons.  They have identified key performance indicators that led to many of our alumni earning seats at Lenart, McDade, Skinner, Keller, Morgan Park Academy, Kellogg, Clissold, Whitney Young, Lindblom and Kenwood. We believe all children can learn at an accelerated pace, when parents and teachers collaborate to create an individual academic plan where scholars feel safe to take risks. We have an unique interviewing process to ensure our teachers are both intelligent and empathetic.  Our teachers embrace this philosophy and encourage our scholars to think big everyday.

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