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Parent Testimonials

A. Miller

My son received several offers to selective enrollment schools in Chicago.  I know we couldn’t have made it without the support of the entire Serendipity team. The curriculum is phenomenal!

J. Pollard

My son was one of Serendipity’s first students.  He graduated Whitney Young High School and is now a freshman at Marquette University on a scholarship. He still attributes much of his love of learning to Serendipity’s non-traditional approach to education.

E. Scott

My daughters graduated from Serendipity three years ago.  They are straight A students at Clissold. They both insist on returning to summer camp at Serendipity because they love the teachers and seeing their old friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Love

My husband and I are life long Serendipity fans. Our oldest daughter is now in fourth grade and reading on a seventh grade level. We attribute much of her success to the love, passion and zeal for education we found at Serendipity.  Do yourself a favor and enroll your son or daughter, today!

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